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Notes to Locals and Visitors new and repeat

Welcome to Wales, Pembrokeshire and Masterclass Surfing It’s great to have you back!

We would ask you to holiday safely and respect the local communities.

We have had a very low incidence of Covid virus infections locally and would ask your help in keeping it like this.

*NameSurfing is a comparatively easy activity to keep relatively “Virus Safe” as long as we can ask you to share in working with us to keep your session SAFE and FUN!

While you are with us we ask that you take the overall approach of keeping 2 metres distanced and handwashing/ using hand gel to beat the bugs.

We have put in place a range of measures some of which you can help us with to achieve this as you go through your surf session:

1. On-site Qualified and experienced Health and Safety Advisor: Our Director and on-site supervisor/backup Pete has worked in marine safety and sports coaching all his life and is very experienced in assessing risks and running safety procedures.

2. Advance Booking by e-mail and distanced on site check-in (including for late bookings.)

3. Restricted/reduced numbers in groups. Max 6 persons ...minimum age limit increased from 8 to 10. Parents of under 16s must be present (within a mile) during sessions, Booking options will increase as Wales Government restrictions are eased:


  • a. Exclusive Family group session.

  • b. “Bubble” up to 4 households who are Travelling/holidaying together

  • c. Mixed individuals/couples not travelling or holidaying with others in the group.

  • d. Coached hire/practise session for up to 6 already competent surfers (Low level /intermediate) = can be as #2 or #3 above.


4. Friendlier /less challenging range of teaching/ weather/surf conditions.

5. Instructor led distancing: we will operate 2 metres minimum until Wales Government advises that social distancing is no longer required. Your awareness of and help with distancing during the course will be a major factor in preventing virus transmission. In particular this applies to checking in and out meeting for the safety talk and handling and carrying equipment to and from the beach . Our Normal coaching emphasises “spreading out” in water and on beach to avoid collisions whilst surfing or carrying boards.

6. Hands on help practical help between group/family members to assist instructor by keeping distanced, changing into wetsuits, carrying surfboards, keeping an eye on others looking out for problems , First aid to family members etc. In case of major problems the Instructor will call safety backup to run First aid and communications.

7. Extra safety backup/support from on-site Safety Professional supervising and on call for emergencies.

8. Keeping your car on site as a base on site for changing/storing your belongings (Close parking available). For Individuals travelling by foot/bike we can make special arrangements.

9. Equipment Sanitising . Boards, wetsuits and other equipment washed in sanitiser/disinfectant for minimum of 20 mins. Then Hung or stored in wind and sun/outdoors for minimum of 24 hours.

10. PPE where relevant is advised in our procedures and included in our updated (Virus relevant) list of “What to Bring “ there maybe a need for you to wear gloves in which case disposeables will be supplied.

Please note there are some issues/situations directly relating to COVID 19 which may not be covered by our insurance…. More information soon……

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